Ve dvě ráno v noci, dva dny po Vánocích (26.12. 1998), jsem se narodila v plzeňské nemocnici. 



In the kindergarten my love for colors begins. Every day I put out my crayons, draw and create. Mom has no place to keep it anymore, probably she secretly throws it away little by little.



My first day at school. Lucy with plaits, creative group. Later the spokesperson of the whole class, all first grade. Probably I start having organizational skills.



I create every day at home as well as at school. School just is not enough. From school I run to cheramics courses and art classes; I work out and go swimming.



At 11 years old I start writing my first blog. Only three people read it. Mom, dad and I.



I start using Facebook. I love making bead necklaces. With granny we go to markets and sell our jewels. For me it means making my first money; I spent them on new materials.


I am on the TV for the first time. I wrote to one programm about my activities. They invited me as a guest. At twelve I get my first honorarium. I can’t stop goggling. Excited, I buy my first pasta machine, it becomes very serious with polimer clay.


I published an interview with Donna Kato. I don’t speak English at all, so I use Google translate to translate questions. I already have answers from Lisa Pavelka sent by email. I am writing the very first polymer instructions and create every day. I train diligently. I am improving my English and creative techniques.



We open our first polymer courses in Pilsen. Every Thursday I teach people how to work with polymer clay. Everything is ok, until we receive an extra stiff polymer clay from China. We order another one, our garage is full of boxes. New order comes from China, this time it’s too soft.  We mix both types at workshops. 


Problem number 2 comes. Participants unintentionally destroy all the expensive tools we bought on e-shops. Dad has an idea. Meanwhile, I start participating in polymer clay workshops. I learn from artists around the world. Each course is like a holiday for me. The best experiences I have ever had.



The first Czech extruder, later named Czextruder, is prototyped. We establish our company LC Tools (Lucy Clay Tools). Dad won’t go to work anymore. He works for himself.


I write a blog, we start being a little bit popular. We have more and more hits. I work every afternoon after school. I really enjoy working.  Unlike school, where I am not the best student any more.



I am finishing my first big e-book. More than three hundred photos, my own projects, my own ideas and texts; I do graphics myself in a free program. At the first day of selling we celebrate, it’s a great success. Unwittingly, I created a successful sales promotion, tens of books are sold immediately. My first book makes money. Later we translate books into different languages.


The first prototype of LC Slicer. Another LC product. We start selling, distributing to other countries, and everything starts working. I teach at my first courses in Prague. I skip school that I don’t really enjoy and work instead.



I apply for an art school, 6 months I work and draw. I am admitted with best results. I maffick. I spend less time working with polymer, can’t manage it. Once again I am on TV. 



I study interior design, change priorities; I don’t manage everything so I’m unbalanced. But school helps. All the time I learn something new.


I write a blog as often as I can; I work and write at school. Finally, I am balanced and manage everything. I again started working with polymer clay. I decided to write a book. After some offers from publishing houses, I have chosen a different way and I working on my book on my own. I didn't know that it will take more than three years.


I was also a part of the Prague Design Week and in July more than 100 people from different countries came to Pilsen to enjoy the very first Polymer Week. And thanks to it I decided to start publishing own magazine. 



It's getting more and more difficult. This year is a huge challenge. Final exams at high school, entrance exams at university, next issues of the Polymer Week Magazine and second Polymer Week event and... who knows how it will continue. I started to help other companies with their visual identity and I take photos for other beautiful projects where I can take some fresh inspiration from. 


Everything has nicely settled down through the year 2019. I started to study on a pedagogical faculty thanks to which it is possible to combine work and school together. In the last two or three years it has been challenging both at home and at work. Eventually I withdrew from LC Tools which turned out to be the best decision. Polymer Week and its associated magazine, book and events are now in my own hands. My dad started to work with other people in the company LC Tools. Well, sometimes life creates the story for you.


There was also the need to create a team of people who would kind of free my hands so I can start to do other important things. The magazine has its main translator, two graphic designers, and another person to handle orders, packages and paperwork.


In addition to publishing several issues of the magazine a year, organizing events, lecturing and inventing new products I also photograph and make marketing pictures for other companies and then managing their social network accounts, which is undoubtedly a great opportunity to peek under the lid of totally different environments.  


So, with my beloved sister Linda, we founded LL Media. We are thirty-three years old together, but we try to look, and undoubtedly we are, the best in the industry. At least in our city :). 

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