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I have developed my own style based on colors, simplicity, ​clean lines, and geometric shapes. I love working on details, that may not be visible to everyone, but are truly important to me. 

After ten years of working with polymer clay, there is still an incredible amount of things I would like to create and try. That's what I love about it. Have a look at some of my artwork.


from polymer clay

I made these planters as a project for my online class in the Society and it took me a few days to figure out the construction, color scheme, and pattern. I like how all the scrap clay is hidden inside of these planters, and on the top, you can admire raised organic shapes with white dots as a little detail. 


I definitely plan to create more of these and explore all possibilities. 


Do you remember tiddlywinks? This new necklace might make you think of them.  I sometimes struggle with using patterned slabs, in this case, made with the silkscreen technique combined with one-color circles.


I spent several days developing the hidden construction of this necklace yet in the end, it's a very simple way. The necklace also fits the neck perfectly without any uncomfortable clasps.