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When I was twelve, I sat in front of a machine and spontaneously talked to a few people about my experience with polymer clay for the first time. It's been almost ten years back. I am grateful for the beautiful beginnings and all the wonderful opportunities that have come to me over the years.


Honestly, I never thought about how many experiences, wonderful encounters and memories I would gain from the lecturing. I see polymer workshops as an ideal opportunity to deliver much more than just a tutorial, new design or a project. It is a chance to share my approach to creation, thinking or dozens of different tips and tricks and to bring new things to the polymer community. 


As part of a full-day workshop with Lucy, you will be creating a piece of jewellery made of several polymer tubes that combine simplicity, purity, and playfulness. You will learn to create unusual and fine polymer clay decorations with different patterns and also to apply them to jewellery. During the workshop, you will be able to create both a design necklace and a brooch. 



MARCH 2020

The first and probably the last class of 2020. The world is crazy now, but I had a last minute trip to Barcelona to teach all beautiful people there my Tube class. It was simply incredible.


They were so kind, talented, enthusiastic to learn new technique and ideas. Thank you everyone who was a part of this wonderful day!



The last event of the year was simply special. I travelled to Madrid to teach there full-day class for such wonderful people. I stared at the amazing ease, sincerity, kindness and great desire to learn new things.  


And then at the end all of them gave me beautiful necklace composed of individual beads from all the participants, I suddenly started to cry. They simply know how to enjoy every moment. And when a small group of polymer clay people meets like this, they all donate their own pieces to a raffle, which they then draw at the end of the workshop. Then they enjoy lunch together, take some pictures and keep chatting. Pure joy! 



The Polymer Club, currently run by Hanni Viktorová, is known for its friendly atmosphere and its small but cozy space in the village of Ostopovice near the second largest city in the Czech Republic Brno. I love to come back here.


There is a memorial notice board with pieces from the workshops that took place here on the wall and each participant has a beautifully prepared table with a machine and the teaching seems more like a pleasant meeting with friends. We made tube brooches and necklaces together. But I have one principle. I do not want the participants to “copy” the project I present to them. I try to arouse in them a kind of desire to put into my project their own ideas, favorite element or motif that fits their own creation. They definitely achieved that! 



Last time I have been teaching at the Prague Polymer Society, which meets quite regularly, about five years ago. Time flies. It was a strange feeling to come back to the place where I lectured a larger polymer course for the first time in my life.


I have grown up since then they said! It was great to meet a lot of familiar faces again. From the morning we worked hard until late afternoon, discussed important and unimportant and laughed together! Teaching in Czech is, of course, easier for me, faster, but more chatty.